Staying on Track to Win the Race

If you have dedicated yourself to developing healthier lifestyle behaviors, and as a result have better glucose control, successful weight management, daily physical activity you enjoy and a generally healthier feeling, then read on for ways to keep you motivated and on track so a healthy you lasts a lifetime! Motivation is crucial to maintaining those habits, and if you give yourself credit for all you have accomplished, you can keep your momentum going strong.

Drink that water! Don’t confuse hunger with thirst and end up eating those extra calories you never intended to eat!

Watch the evening TV “meal”- you know the one that starts when you sit down to relax after dinner and eat more than you have eaten all day!

Continue to enjoy your favorite foods- include small amounts to replace another food to keep those carbohydrates and calories the same.

Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy, ready-to-eat ingredients, meals and snacks to prepare the meal quickly and avoid that fast food drive through or the quick pizza pick up! Essential items to keep on hand include frozen vegetables, whole grain pasta, reduced fat cheeses, canned low sodium tomatoes or sauce, beans, precooked chicken breasts, whole grain tortillas or pita bread and bags of salad greens.

Trade a cup of pasta or slice of bread for a cup of vegetables! You will reduce the carbohydrates and the calories!

What’s in your cupboards and your freezer? Remove those unhealthy options like the chips, ice cream, cookies or other temptations. If you need that special treat, go out and get one serving so the remainder does not sit beckoning your name!

Understand and apply portion sizing. If you eat out you may be getting used to those larger servings. Get those measuring cups and scale out and check your portions for a few items and meals to get back on track. You can always split those restaurant meals making two meals out of one very large one. And try not to eat out of the bag for snacks- it is amazing how quickly they disappear adding up the fat, carbohydrates and calories rapidly!

Keep a food diary- just by writing down what and how much you eat can reawaken you to be more aware of what, when, and how much you are actually eating. Ultimately this will encourage you to eat less and you will see better glucose levels and weight control.

Get enough sleep! When you do not, your appetite stimulating hormone increases and your satiety or fullness indicator decreases. Adequate sleep will not only help you feel rested and ready to go, but can also help reduce that unnecessary snacking.


Submitted by: Kathy Wool, RD, LDN