Listed below are a list of the local support system that offer the Diabetes Prevention Program, Diabetes Education, and Diabetes Support Groups in the Tri-County. Additionally, online resources and support can be found be visiting our National Resources


Diabetes Prevention Programs:

Somerset County Health Department- 410-651-4083

Wicomico County Health Department- 410-334-3480

Worcester County Health Department- 410-632-1100


Diabetes Education Programs:

Peninsula Regional Medical Center Diabetes Education Program- 410-543-7061

Atlantic General Hospital Diabetes Education Programs- 410-641-9703

Apple Drug, INC- 410-641-3130

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Learn more about the prevention, management, and control of Diabetes from National Resources.

The American Diabetes Association can connect you to an abundance of information. You can call the American Diabetes Association Monday-Friday with with questions that you have in regards to Prediabetes, and Diabetes. They will provide you with local resources as well as free materials. Check their website out at: 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is the home of the Diabetes Prevention Program. The CDC has an large variety of information on managing Diabetes, as well as healthy recipies, data and statistics. Find more information here:



The Tri-County Diabetes Alliance is committed to making strides to in the efforts to prevent, control, and manage Diabetes. Please feel free to contact the Tri-County Diabetes partners for more information, classes, lectures, and events in the area to help further meet your needs. 

Atlantic General Hospital-  410-641-9703

Apple Drug, INC- 1-800-424-8401

Chesapeake Health Center- 410-219-1100

Deer's Head- 410-543-4000

MAC, Inc. 410-742-5050

PRMC Diabetes Education Program & Support Group- 410-543-7061

Peninsula Diabetes Center - 410-543-8240

Salisbury University- Tom Pellinger- 410-677-0144

Somerset County Health Department-  443-523-1760

University of Maryland Eastern Shore-Dietetic Internship- 410-621-3080

Wicomico County Health Department- 410-334-3480

Worcester County Health Department- 410-632-0056