Listed below are a list of the local support system that offer the Diabetes Prevention Program, Diabetes Education, and Diabetes Support Groups in the Tri-County. Additionally, online resources and support can be found be visiting our National Resources


Diabetes Prevention Programs:

Somerset County Health Department- 410-651-4083

Wicomico County Health Department- 410-334-3480

Worcester County Health Department- 410-632-1100


Diabetes Education Programs:

Peninsula Regional Medical Center Diabetes Education Program- 410-543-7061

Atlantic General Hospital Diabetes Education Programs- 410-641-9703

Apple Drug, INC- 410-641-3130


Area Diabetes Support Groups:

University of Maryland, Eastern Shore Support Group- 410-651-3365

Diabetes Kids Support Group- 410-749-0085

Peninsula Regional Medical Center, Diabetes Support Group- 410-543-7061

PUMP Club- 410-543-7061

Worcester County Health Department- 410-632-0056

Atlantic General Hospital Support Group- 410-641-9703 


For Additional Medication Assistance:

The Partnership For Prescription Assistance- Helps qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need through the public or private program that's right for them.



Home Bound Patients with Diabetes:

For patients with diabetes who are housebound, Medicare and private insurance (in most cases) allow a home health nurse to do diabetes management teaching in the home.